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Vendors Covid 19 Update

Vendors Covid 19 Update

Vendor / Seller Covid 19 Update
As of Tuesday 7th July, one vendor per consignment of stock will be permitted to enter the market to see their own stock sold and then leave immediately after they have been through the ring.
We need to maintain social distancing; buyers & staff are imperative to the sales operating successfully and to make sure as many buyers can attend the sale & bid at your stock we ask for your cooperation. Signing in on entry is also imperative and hence why you need to enter via the main entrance next to the canteen. Also note if you are not selling stock you are still not permitted to enter.
The following rules apply:

All Days all classes of stock

  • Only Enter Through the main entrance double green gates adjacent to café
  • Sign in on entry & sanitise your hands
  • Enter to see your own stock sold & then leave the livestock area
  • Only one person per consignment of stock no children or at-risk persons to enter


  • Drop & Go
  • Our Staff will continue to sort Sheep
  • Enter the livestock area from 9:50am to see your stock sold then leave
  • No space to see ewes sold this is still purely drop & go

We are still happy to sort your lambs to the best of our ability or if you prefer we can draw to your marks placed on the lamb at home a note to accompany the sheep is required to explain the marks.

Bulls Vendors enter from 11:30am
Clean Vendors enter from 12:15pm

  • Maintain social distance 2 metres
  • View your Stock Sold then leave
  • A member of staff will show stock from the sales ring

Luck to be given out from the office to buyers, a BACS statement or cheque may be collected straight after the sale.
Please note no sellers to enter the sales ring or lamb race to show their stock it is simply an opportunity to watch stock sold.

  • Drop & Go still in place only enter the livestock area to see your stock sold.


  • Watch your stock sold in the sheep ring & then leave the livestock area.


  • You will be permitted to enter when your cattle are ready to be sold then leave the livestock area once sold.
  • A member of staff will limit numbers in the livestock area you must wait in the yard adjacent to canteen then leave the livestock area once your stock is sold.
  • Store Cattle sales still live video streamed on Facebook

We are limited on space and this is the only method that works to keep operational and providing competition for your stock without affecting the numbers of buyers or staff we have in the market.
We will need to continue to adhere to strict conditions to operate & keep markets open. No sorting of stock will be permitted drop & go still in place. Vendors will be able to enter the market at the sale time of their stock & leave immediately after the sale of their animals. We need your assistance & cooperation to make this work. Vendors will be able to watch stock sold but not enter the sales ring.
Any Queries to Giles 07876 696259