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Rural Payments Agency Announces updated Countryside Stewardship Schemes

Rural Payments Agency Announces updated Countryside Stewardship Schemes

The Application window for this years Countryside Stewardship Schemes is now OPEN

This year sees a number of changes to how Countryside Stewardship is delivered, The Hedgerows & Boundaries scheme has been replaced with Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants, vastly widening options that can be applied for outside of the main Mid Tier format. 

This year the available sections of Countryside Stewardship are:

  •  Mid Tier (5-year Scheme with management & capital items)
  •  Wildlife Offers (5-year Non Competitive management scheme)
  •  Capital Grants (New 2-year capital only grant)
  • Woodland support grants

Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants now give an option to apply for up to £60,000 of grant funding for 67 different capital items, split into three Sections; 

  • Boundaries, Tress and Orchards
  • Water Quality
  • Air Quality

The grant allows for £20,000 to be applied for under each of these areas, with the application window now open with the window closing on the 30th April. However, we must act quickly as the process of gaining Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer (CSFO) consent if required must be put in place by the 12th March.

Boundaries, Trees & Orchards is similar to the now defunct Hedgerows & Boundaries Grant, allowing for example, rebuilding of stone wall boundaries, top wire supplements, laying hedges, hedgerow trees and finally this year the addition of being able to apply for funding to actually plant hedgerows. 

Water Quality replaces the application process previously through Countryside Mid Tier for 2 year Water Quality grants. A majority of the capital items require CSFO consent in line with the old scheme. popular items include Concrete Yard Renewal, Rainwater Goods, Fencing & Roofing Handling areas and Muck Storage areas.

Air Quality includes items such as Automatic Slurry Scrapers, Supply & Planting Trees, Low Ammonia Emissions Livestock Flooring.

Contact Simon today to discuss these schemes with you, we can advise which would best suit your needs and move the application forward on your behalf.


9th February - All Schemes Open

12th March - CSFO Consent deadline for CSS Capital Grant

30th April - CSS Capital Grant application window closes

11th June - CSFO Consent deadline for Mid Tier CSS Capital Items

31st July - Mind Tier application window closes